Version 1.1.9
The only flashlight with Morse decoder!
Flashlight/Morse is an advanced flashlight with the ability to share your thoughts using Morse code. It's free and without ads.
  • Quickly turns on
  • Uses your phone's flash
  • Allows you to send and receive messages using Morse code
  • Includes Morse code reference table
  • Has a bunch of useful settings
  • Completely free!
Compatible with any Windows Phone having flashlight.


Flashlight/Morse is a fast and useful tool for sending and receiving messages in Morse code. It also allows you to use your phone as a torch in the darkness.

It also has a variety of settings that allows you to start the app with flashlight turned on and continue using it even with locked phone.

Flashlight/Morse is 100% free to use. But if you like the app you can always make a donation through in-app purchase on "About" page.


Version 1.1.9

Released on February 16th, 2015
  • NEWPossibility to use Decoder even if there is no flashlight in the phone
  • FIXImproved application stability when there is no flashlight in the phone

Version 1.1.8

Released on November 6th, 2014
  • NEWTransmission repeat
  • FIXRemoved microphone requirement